Leonardo DiCaprio Caught Flirting With Margaret Qualley?

Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani
Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani

Last year, a tabloid claimed Leonardo DiCaprio flirted with his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costar, Margaret Qualley. We investigated it when the report broke and today.

In 2020, Woman’s Day ran the headline, “Leo Hits On Andie MacDowell’s Daughter.” According to the tabloid, Leonardo DiCaprio publicly got flirty with Margaret Qualley. The magazine failed to mention when this allegedly took place but did use a picture of DiCaprio and Qualley together at the 20th Annual AFL Awards earlier that month.

A source then spilled to the publication Camilla Morrone, who is dating DiCaprio, was reportedly devastated by the news. “Camila always suspected Leo would develop a thing for Margaret – she’s just his type, and age range,” the insider claimed. The informant revealed the pictures of DiCaprio and Qualley laughing together “were proof of her suspicions.”

The source added Morrone was not by DiCaprio’s side at that year’s Golden Globes but Qualley was in attendance. “Leo looked smitten with her – and no wonder, she’s a knockout,” the tipster snitch. As for Qualley’s mother, Andie MacDowell, the insider revealed the actress “probably won’t be too pleased about her getting close to the likes of Leo. He was literally the butt of the jokes at the Golden Globes for dating women too young for him.”

Gossip Cop quickly explained the tale that was drastically blown out of proposition. The tabloid’s report was based around a photo of two costars sharing a laugh. How is that considered flirting? And, why would the two having a friendly conversation automatically put Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Camilla Morrone in jeopardy? The entire story didn’t make any sense. Plus, DiCaprio was, and still is, in a relationship with Morrone, further disproving any reports of an angry girlfriend.

As for Margaret Qualley, the actress was dating Shia LaBeouf but the two recently split. While Qualley may have been single at the time, it’s absurd to assume the actress was coming in between DiCaprio and Morrone because she’s “young.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Woman’s Day made up some silly story about Leonardo DiCaprio. Two months ago, the tabloid maintained DiCaprio and Johnny Depp were still locked in a feud. Last month, the magazine proclaimed Morrone was furious over DiCaprio’s “dad bod”.