Little Archie: Already in therapy!

Meghan Markle’s team of helpers when it comes to baby Archie has expanded to include what insiders have described as a “guidance team” for her soon-to-be toddler.

A source tells New Idea Royals Monthly that the 39-year-old mum wants to ensure her one-year-old has “outstanding intelligence” among kids his age.

She already had nutritionists and nannies involved, but she now has a team of child behavioural experts working with him – from occupational therapists to physical therapists, even a speech therapist,” says a source.

“They’re all there to make sure he’s progressing at an above-average rate in his development.”

“Harry thought it was all a bit mumbo-jumbo until he saw the occupational therapist working on his sensory perceptions, such as sound, touch, all the sensory motor skills. Meghan wants to give him all the right tools to get the best of the best start in life.”

Though, not everyone is impressed with how the Sussexes are raising their little one.

After Meghan and Harry decided to include Archie in their latest podcast venture, royal commentators labelled the decision “problematic”.

Speaking on The Royal Beat, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe weighed in on the controversial choice, suggesting the parents were perhaps not acting in their child’s best interests.

“For a member of the royal family who has allegedly stepped away from the limelight and tried not to be famous and not be surrounded by people, you could possibly suggest that maybe (Harry’s) not doing the best thing by attracting that level of publicity,” the author claimed.

Chatting to Duncan were royal experts Katie Nicholl and Russell Myers – both of whom agreed with the biographer’s hot take.

“I was surprised and I think it is problematic,” Russell confessed.

“I think it’s entirely (Harry and Meghan’s) decision how they choose to bring up their child or children, but if you’re entering a commercial world and in your first venture you place your child in that arena, that’s all anyone is going to be talking about.”

Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl also chimed in, suggesting that people will accuse the Sussexes of exploiting Archie’s voice simply to “cash in”.

Yikes. Hopefully Archie’s new guidance team can sort things out.