Strip Meghan Markle Of Patronages Critics Plead

British royal family news that as the one year review of Megxit draws closer, may royal watchers and experts are voicing their opinions as to what Queen Elizabeth should do in terms of revisiting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s patronages and titles.

Should she allow them to keep the perks they have no time to represent properly an ocean away in America? Or does it make more sense to give them to actual royals who will appreciate and do right by them?

Prior to their royal departure the monarch had extended two patronages to the Duchess of Sussex, the National Theatre and The Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Claims that the duchess “did absolutely nothing” for the theatre could be causing the queen to rethink her decision. It seems that Her Majesty is being urged to take them back now that Meghan is not even in the country to do the work necessary.

Royal expert Richard Eden told Palace Confidential on MailPlus, “Sophie has been described as the Royal Family’s secret weapon. I think she shouldn’t be so secret anymore. We do want to hear a bit more from her and with Edward as well.”

“The Queen kindly handed over her patronage of the Royal National Theatre to Meghan and then she promptly moved to American and did absolutely nothing for the theatre,” he went on to say.

“Why not hand that to Prince Edward? He used to actually work for Andrew Lloyd-Webber. He would love it. He would be fantastic and so would Sophie who used to come from a PR background. I really think she’s not used as much as she should be,” he added.

Sophie not only had a substantial career in PR, at one time she formed and ran her own company. Clearly she has the business savvy needed to make the big decisions as well as the PR savvy to manage people and projects.

In contrast giving Meghan a theatre patronage was a stretch by any measurement. Her claim to theatrical fame was as a B-level actress. Comparing her level of accomplishment to those of true theatre people is like comparing a street meat vendor to Joel Robuchon.

Sophie would be a much better fit given her real world experience and actual talent.