Will The British Monarchy Die With The Queen?

British royal family news shows that royal expert and journalist Clive Irving has a new book out, The Last Queen: Elizabeth II’s Seventy Year Battle to Save the House of Windsor. In it, he comes to some startling conclusions that may be hard for die-hard monarchists to accept.

Irving’s biography of Queen Elizabeth examines the path Her Majesty, and the world has taken since her coronation.

“I wanted to write a book I felt only I could write,” he said. “It was a lucky accident that my career spans basically the same years that the queen does. If you’re in the same line of business for seven decades as she’s been, you’re not the same person at the end as you are at the beginning.”

According to Irving, the monarchy is increasingly rare and outdated, and his book evaluates how she has been able to ensure the monarchy’s relevancy. “It’s astonishing that the queen has been able to hold together the institution for as long as she has,” he said. “She’s gone through some important and visible changes during that time, and each of the changes she’s gone through has been driven by the way she’s handled particular crises.”

Two incredibly wrenching and destructive crises have occurred in the span of the last several months and involve senior royals. First, her son Prince Andrew has been virtually dust binned following his mysterious involvement with dead convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Second, Prince Harry declared to the world that the monarchy no longer suited him and fled the country for a more financially rewarding life in the US.

So, how has the queen weathered phenomenal crises and kept the crown intact? He thinks her mystique plays a big part in her success. “If you’re a biographer of the queen when you come to the end of the work of the biography, you ask yourself seriously and honestly, how much more do you understand of this person now than you did when you started the book? I had to say to myself, well, she’s still amazingly unknowable.” And he credits that mystery to the public never growing tired of her.

Irving thinks that Prince Charles has a huge example to live up to and he may not be up to the task which would weaken the monarchy and ultimately begin its process of dissolution.