Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Victims Of Scientologists Spreading Rumors Online?

Were Scientologists targeting Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban with claims that Kidman was a “cold and impersonal diva” and Urban wasn’t much better? One tabloid insisted that the two beloved stars were feeling “shaken” after being accused of being “rude and entitled” and those close to them believed “rogue” Scientologists were behind the online attack.

Woman’s Day recently reported that “universally adored” power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had recently been hit with “a stream of comments” that had left them “feeling shaken.” The tabloid displayed two comments from the “online gossip aggregator” Deux Moi, a site that publishes “anonymous tales from everyday people” which painted quite the unflattering portrait of the superstar spouses.

One poster claimed that their father had previously worked for Urban and Kidman in their New York City apartment and insisted “they were the absolute worst. So rude and entitled.” Another commenter wrote, “I can also confirm Nicole Kidman is difficult,” adding,

She used to live in the same building as [Redacted] in West London. She tried to claim one of the only two elevators in the building as her own, and was planning to never let anyone use it. [Redacted] who lived on the top floor was not having it and was able to block her request.

After the barrage of negative comments concerning the couple, Kidman and Urban supposedly began wondering “who is behind it all.” An “insider” supposedly close to the couple defended them, telling the outlet Kidman “isn’t exactly a best friend or mother figure to her staff and Keith can be kind of aloof, especially when he’s in his creative headspace, but they aren’t the monsters people are trying to make them out to be.”

In fact, the insider continued, the negative commentary was starting to make people close to the couple suspicious. Some were even “starting to suspect someone is trying to use false claims to make them look bad,” adding that it “doesn’t take long to figure out” just who might have a grudge against the Australian actress.

We think it has Scientology’s fingerprints all over it. She has never been forgiven for leaving their ‘poster boy’ [Tom Cruise], so any time something weird like this happens, rogue Scientology members are usually the conclusion everyone jumps to first.

So let’s get this straight. Because Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise almost 20 years ago, Scientologists are trying to get back at her by…posting mean anonymous comments online. That has to be the lamest revenge in the entire world. It’s such a lame plan that it has to be the mind-child of the tabloid.

Since there’s no way to authenticate the anonymous posters, there’s no way of knowing who’s behind the comments, which means that neither the tabloid nor the source has any way of knowing who actually posted the stories. Part of the reason for our doubt is because Woman’s Day is notorious for their false reporting on Kidman.

This outlet once claimed that the Big Little Lies actress had hit “rock bottom” after hitting a rough patch with Urban as well as with her career. This tabloid also reported that Kidman was pregnant with her third child, but as with many of the rumors peddled by this shameless magazine, that story also turned out to be false.