Nicole Kidman risking her marriage to Keith Urban after recent casting: Rumor

Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, facing backlash after she was cast in Being the Ricardos.

According to New Idea, fans of Debra Messing thought that the role of Lucille would be given to the actress. However, Nicole Kidman ended up signing on for the project.

“This has disaster written all over it for Nicole. There’s been a huge backlash in Hollywood against her casting, with most industry insiders supporting the notion that the role belonged to Debra Messing,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s marriage on the rocks

The insider also claimed that Kidman’s new role is causing problems in her marriage to Keith Urban.

After starring in Big Little Lies and The Undoing, Kidman, allegedly, vowed to take a break.

The actress also, allegedly, promised Urban that they would spend quality time with each other and their children.

Nicole Kidman won’t have time for her family due to her latest project

However, Kidman signing on for Being the Ricardos means that she would have less time for her family.

“Keith’s expectation was that they would settle in Australia for the foreseeable future and let their daughters settle into a local school. But it appears now Nicole’s signed on for the Lucille project, she’ll be returning to the US sooner than planned,” the source said.

The source alleged that Urban will be based in Australia for the most part of 2021 because of his gigs.

“Both of them taking on monster gigs is certainly flying in the face of their original plan of returning to Oz and taking things easy,” the source said.

Lucille Ball’s daughter defends the actress

Meanwhile, despite the backlash that Nicole Kidman is receiving, the actress has the support of one important person: Lucille Ball’s daughter.

On her Facebook account, Lucie Arnaz reminded fans that Being the Ricardos isn’t a remake of I Love Lucy. As such, Kidman isn’t required to impersonate Ball.

“It’s a done deal, but the contracts aren’t actually signed, which is why I haven’t said anything publicly about it. But I felt I should at least try to calm the waters here. There seems to be a lot of discussion about Nicole Kidman [and people saying] it should be Debra Messing… I don’t know, but here’s the deal and what you should understand: We’re not doing a remake of ‘I Love Lucy.’ No one has to impersonate Lucy Ricardo [or do] any of the silly things. It’s the story of Lucille Ball, my actual mother — not Lucy Ricardo — and her husband, Desi Arnaz, my dad — not Ricky Ricardo,” Arnaz said.