Report: Prince Andrew ‘Forcing’ Sarah Ferguson To Remarry Him

Prince Andrew’s fall from grace over the last couple years has been a hard one. After a disastrous TV interview where he tried to come clean about his relationship with the disgraced Jeffrey Epstein produced more questions than answers, Queen Elizabeth II stripped her second son of most of his duties within the royal family.

Through it all though, his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has remained by his side. Though they divorced decades ago, they’ve remained very close and even continue to live together on the grounds of Windsor Castle. A new report claims that the two are headed back down the aisle.

A story in this week’s New Idea states that Prince Andrew and Ferguson are “reportedly tying the knot for the second time.” According to the article though, it’s not about love, but legalities — specifically, the possible legal problems Prince Andrew may be facing in the United States with the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

As his wife, Ferguson could not be compelled to testify against the Duke of York if and when he is charged with any crimes and taken to trial. While the article acknowledges that the two have remained very close, it maintains that this union would be more for their legal rights rather than love.

The article implies that Ghislaine Maxwell’s imprisonment has Prince Andrew “terrified she’ll implicate him in a bid to reduce her sentence.” And Sarah Ferguson is “the woman who knows him best and will do whatever it takes to ensure she never has to testify — even if that means marrying the disgraced prince all over again.”

For starters, there is no proof provided in the story that Prince Andrew will even face charges in the U.S., nor has U.S. law enforcement announced any pending charges. Beyond that, there is no evidence that if Prince Andrew was involved in a criminal way, Sarah Ferguson was aware of it anyway.

While they are close, that doesn’t seem like the kind of thing someone would share with his ex-wife and mother of his children, so why would she be called on to testify? The whole report is very fishy, and given the tabloids’ history of sketchy reporting, it’s just too much to believe.

While Gossip Cop hasn’t busted this particular tabloid for bogus stories involving the Duke of York, its sister publications are full of dubious stories and questionable claims. Take, for example, the bogus report from Woman’s Day, which was at the time owned by the same company as New Idea, that purported that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were broke and homeless.

In true supermarket tabloid fashion, the outlet took a legitimate story about the two selling one of their houses in Switzerland and blew it up into a dramatic — but false — story asserting that the legal pressures on Prince Andrew meant the two were close to destitute. In what universe does selling a ski chalet mean someone is on the verge of sleeping on the street? It’s an absurd assertion. These organizations have no real insight into the couple, so instead they make up bogus stories to sell magazines.