Prince Charles at outs with Prince William as he calls son ‘naïve’ after bitter spat

The royal feuds in the palace don’t seem to be ending any time soon as Prince Charles and Prince William too have reportedly been on the outs with one another.

According to recent claims, the Duke of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales are divided over Buckingham Palace’s extensive ivory collection.

William had told zoologist and family friend Dr Jane Goodall six years ago that he would like to see the 43,000 tusks lying around the palace, destroyed.

Royal author Robert Jobson, per Express, recalled how the heir apparent had a conversation with William about the statement he made that threw negative light on the royal family.

“Charles told William he was being ‘naive’ and he should have chosen his words more carefully,” Jobson wrote in a piece penned for The Mail.

“While appreciating his son’s sentiment, Charles believes there is a vast difference between calling for action against illegal traders now and ordering Buckingham palace to rid itself of an enormously important and historical collection of artefacts that form part of the Royal Collection Trust,” he continued.

“The idea of such historic items and others such as King Henry VIII’s quill pen, being broken up filled Charles with dread,” he said.

“That said, there are many who know William and his stubborn streak and believe he will take some form of action when he becomes King, despite his father’s protestations,” he continued.