The problem with Princess Diana’s Panorama interview

Princess Diana is always being a princess of the heart. In 1995, she gave BBC Panorama interview in which she lifted the real reality inner side of royal family, scandals, secrets and all.

As a result, the BBC has launched a fresh investigation into claims that fraudulent behavior was engaged in as part of securing the sit-down with the royal.

According to the News idea “Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer has reignited claims that the Princess of Wales was convinced to participate in the highly revealing interview on what were false grounds.

The claim centres on Martin Bashir’s use of doctored bank statements to get Diana on side for the interview. These fake financial documents, allegedly seen by the Earl, falsely suggested that Diana’s then-private secretary, along with another royal staffer, were being paid by a security firm to spy on the princess.

Meanwhile, Diana’s son Prince William recently took the unprecedented step of issuing a statement in support of the internal media investigation. He wrote: “It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and subsequent decisions taken by those in the BBC at the time.

Reality of Royal Family

According to the News Idea “She even called out the royal family over the perceived lack of support given to her – particularly during her darkest hours.

It is such a distress situation to Diana about Prince Charles and his long-rumoured mistress Camilla Parker Bowles which proved to be the most damning.

“Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” became the iconic sentence uttered by Princess Diana about her husband’s affair.

This tabloid again claimed the about the reality of Diana life. “She herself previously admitted that speaking out put her offside with the firm – and in particular the Queen – and that she was well aware they were “shocked and horrified and very disappointed”.

In the documentary Diana: The Interview that Shocked the World in 2020, Sir Richard Eyre – who was on the board of directors of the BBC – confirmed that the monarch was particularly upset about the interview.

“[The Queen] said to me, unprompted, ‘How are things at the BBC?’ and I said, ‘Oh well, fine’,” Sir Richard recalled. “And she said, ‘Frightful thing to do, frightful thing that my daughter-in-law did’.”

Divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana

As per New Ideas “In her interview she expresses that we were separated, although not divorced.  But in the actual interview, Diana explained that as a child of divorce, she didn’t intend on heading down that path. After a few months, the Queen sent letters advising the Prince and Princess of Wales to divorce. The formal agreement was finalized on August 28, 1996.

Willful act of revenge against Charles

During this interview “Martin asked Diana if she held concerns that her claims would be portrayed as scornful retaliation against an unfaithful husband; but Diana insisted that that simply wasn’t the case”.

“I don’t sit here with resentment: I sit here with sadness because a marriage hasn’t worked. I sit here with hope because there’s a future ahead, a future for my husband, a future for myself and a future for the monarchy,” the princess said.

“We will have been separated three years this December, and the perception that has been given of me for the last three years has been very confusing, turbulent, and in some areas I’m sure many, many people doubt me,” she said in the interview.

“And I want to reassure all those people who have loved me and supported me throughout the last 15 years that I’d never let them down. That is a priority to me, along with my children.”