Queen’s Granddaughter Zara Tindall banned from driving for six months

In light of the bombshell revelation from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the Royals now have something else to deal with.

Zara Tindall, the eldest granddaughter of the Queen and the only daughter of Princess Anne, has been banned from driving for six months.

The sentence was given out to the 38-year-old after she was caught by Gloucestershire police and admitted to speeding at 91mph near her home, which is 21 miles over the speed limit in the area.

Zara was also ordered to pay £666 (€780.86) plus costs and a victim surcharge of £151 (€177.12) by Roger Utley, the Chairman of the bench.

It was then revealed that Zara had nine penalty points on her licence, which pushed her over the 12 points required for a driving ban.

In a strange and ironic twist of fate, Zara’s mother Anne had previously been caught speeding on the same stretch of road in Daglington back in 2001.

However, in Anne’s case, she has a history of speeding, having related offences from both 1972 and 1990, according to The Guardian newspaper.

This event could also potentially harm Zara’s image as an ambassador for the Land Rover car company, especially as the car she was caught driving in was in fact her own Land Rover.

Prince Phillip also found himself in hot water a few months ago when his Land Rover Freelander landed on its side after a collision with a Kia.

The 97-year-old Royal then voluntarily surrendered his licence shortly afterwards.

Perhaps Kate Middleton’s birthday will provide some joy for the Queen and the rest of the Royals today- they’re going to need it after hearing the news about both Zara and Harry and Meghan!