Reba McEntire and Boyfriend Rex Linn Already Having Problems?

Reba McEntire has seemingly been enjoying a blissful romance with her new boyfriend, Rex Linn. The tabloids, however, have reported that the iconic country singer is already having issues in her relationship.

Reba McEntire Risked Losing Rex Linn, Was Controlling?

Earlier this year, Star had claimed that Reba McEntire was at risk of losing Rex Linn because she was driving him nuts. According to the magazine, the singer was smothering Linn which led to the couple having their first fight. An insider then tattled that when the two weren’t together, McEntire would “drive him crazy with calls and texts.”

“She’d ask what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with,” the source continued, adding that, “most times, he was by himself.” The publication further revealed that even the country singer’s friends warned her to “loosen the reins” on Linn or he would walk out on her. Gossip Cop found the complete opposite of what the tabloid reported. McEntire and Linn spent the holidays together and even enjoyed a night out at the movies.

McEntire, Smothering, Manipulating Linn?

The report wasn’t the first one Gossip Cop had come across that had claimed McEntire was in danger of pushing Linn away. In another recent rumor roundup we did, several other outlets purported that McEntire smothered, fat-shamed, and controlled Linn. Gossip Cop clarified these outlandish stories and proved McEntire is in a good place with Linn. The Young Sheldon actor recently shared a photo of McEntire on his social media page where he described her as “beautiful.”

Reba McEntire’s Bizarre Love Triangle

From the looks of it, the two seem to be perfectly fine. The outlets weren’t convinced by this display of affection, however. Around the same time as the previous report, the Globe asserted that McEntire was involved in a love triangle with Linn and her ex-fiance, Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo. McEntire and Lasuzzo were in a two-year relationship before calling it quits in 2019.

The paper contended that the actress resumed contact with Lasuzzo and things between the two had gotten “flirty.” “As much as Reba adored Rex, she’s at the point in her life where she doesn’t want to be tied down to one guy. She’s always had to adapt and she’s getting a little tired of it. She wants to do what she wants from now on,” a tipster tattled to the magazine. Gossip Cop explained that while McEntire could still be in contact with Lasuzzo, that didn’t mean she was cheating on Linn. Also, the idea that the singer was trying to juggle two men was too ludicrous to entertain seriously.

Linn To McEntire: Lay Off The Botox Or Else!

Last month, the National Enquirer alleged that Reba McEntire’s excessiveness with plastic surgery was causing issues in her romance with Rex Linn. The paper reported that Linn begged, “the wrinkle-free country queen to lay off the Botox.” An insider claimed that McEntire had gotten treatments for years but Linn didn’t think she needed help with her looks.

“He’s a very wholesome guy who never went in for the glitz and glam stuff. He wants Reba just the way she is,” the source added. Gossip Cop didn’t even know where the paper got this ridiculous narrative from. If McEntire had supposedly been getting cosmetic treatments for years, how would Linn know what she naturally looks like? Gossip Cop busted the false story at the time.