Duck Dynasty’ Devastation? Robertson Family Hit By Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura destroyed plenty that was in its path, but a tabloid reports that it also hit Willie Robertson’s property, of Duck Dynasty fame. 

“Duck Dynasty Devastated” reads the headline for a recent article from the Globe. According to the tabloid, Phil Robertson and his relatives are desperately digging out and rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Laura ripped through the family’s Louisiana estate.

Korie Robertson, who is the wife of Willie, shared photos of the wreckage from the category 4 storm, which the paper displays, with one showing a large tree that had been knocked over in front of their main house. The magazine also showed other photos of what appears to be the Robertson’s home in pieces.

Members of the family, including Korie and Willie’s foster daughter, Rebecca, also documented the storm on her social media account. The tabloid states how the hurricane was the second time the reality TV family “cheated” death.

The Duck Dynasty stars were involved in a previous incident that took place on Willie’s compound when it was ripped by a hail of bullets from an attack by Daniel Kung Jr. a few months ago. While Hurricane Laura was certainly no joke, the Globe is reaching a bit with this story.

The other photos the paper presented of damaged homes from the hurricane don’t belong to any of the members from the Duck Dynasty brood. The only picture that was factual was the one with a gigantic tree that fell in front of Willie and Korie Robertson’s home.

Thankfully, this is the only severe blow the Robertson’s had to deal with, their home was not touched or damaged. Also, Korie took to Instagram to let everyone know that the family was okay. “We are okay here, lots of trees down, and power outages, but thankfully nobody in our family hurt and nothing seriously destroyed,” Robertson stated while adding to send prayers for those who were affected by the tragedy.

We’re quite sure if the Robertson’s suffered any other losses it would’ve been reported from a more credible outlet. This isn’t a surprise since the Globe has been known to create over-the-top stories with incorrect facts about celebrities.

Take for instance a story we busted back in March from the paper that claimed Pope Francis was dying from the coronavirus. The tabloid dared to quote a medical expert that never treated the Pope but claimed he was in danger. Yet, the Vatican stated that Pope Francis didn’t contract the virus.

Most recently, we dismissed another phony report from the magazine that alleged Prince Harry was planning to become a marijuana mogul. Honestly, how ridiculous does that even sound? Quite frankly, the only real devastation here is that the Globe continues to dupe its readers with outlandish stories.