Sofia Vergara Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup–How Is This The Same Person?

Sofia Vergara, 48, is known for her glamorous looks, but the actress isn’t dolled up all the time. A 2017 selfie of the Modern Family star recently resurfaced on the @celebbeforeafter Instagram account, and we have to say Vergara looks just as beautiful–if not more stunning–sans all the makeup.


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Vergara rarely ditches her makeup, but she had good reason to in this post. According to the A-lister’s caption, she was battling an 102 degree fever in the shot, which is definitely reason enough for a makeup-free day. The star quipped that her fever had given her the perfect shade of blush anyway, making any cosmetics totally unnecessary.

She wrote, “Hm..I just realised that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink.”

Although this picture certainly proves that the actress looks gorgeous with and without makeup, Vergara did tell told InStyle that she usually feels most confident when embracing her more glam side.

When asked when she felt most beautiful, Vergara responded, “What’s most important is how you feel on the inside. And I feel beautiful when I’m with my husband and my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong: I can assure you, during those moments I’ll have some makeup on—and probably high heels.”