Supreme Court to Let Fraudulent Election Results Stand – Reject Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits in Arizona & Wisconsin

So much for having a Supreme Court that follows the rule of law.

Or want a fair election for the American people.

On Monday, the Supreme Court outright rejected to even review Sidney Powell’s cases of election fraud in Arizona & Wisconsin.

Two states that were handed to Joe Biden in a razor thin margin.

And where tons of controversy exists surrounding the states’ results.

Just a little reminder:

Lots of lingering questions that have yet to be fairly answered.

Yet, the Supreme Court turned a blind eye to election fraud.

Their response to Powell:

“The petitions for writs of mandamus are denied.”

That’s it?

No explanation?

I think it’s clear now that the Supreme Court is fully ingrained with the Swamp.

When they won’t even review multiple lawsuits relating to election fraud, the cheaters can get away with whatever they want.