Matt Gaetz Headlines ‘Women For America First’ At Trump Doral This Weekend. Shameless But True

Irony, Farce, and Parody all took a powder in the past five years, because they could no longer encompass Donald Trump and the pathetic and unimaginable antics of those around him. It was beyond their power to describe.

Now Paradox may be next in the line of descriptors to commit hari kari. Isn’t it rather a contradiction in terms to have accused child molester Matt Gaetz headline a summit whose theme is “Women For America First” at the Trump Doral in Miami — where Jeffrey Epstein used to party? Maybe Gaetz will do some voo doo and call Epstein back from the beyond to share the dais with himself and Donald Trump. That’s about the only way this could get any stranger.

An all star cast, Rand Paul, Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

What’s a little sex trafficking investigation among friends? I mean, really. Does it actually matter whether Matt paid to transport a 17-year-old girl across state lines for sex, and whether he used drugs or campaign money to pay prostitutes?

What will be interesting is if Donald Trump endorses him when he’s at the microphone introducing him — or maybe it won’t happen that way, since Trump’s aides and advisors have begged him to stay silent on the Gaetz issue and so far he has. Wait and see.