Truth About Matt Damon’s Drinking Habits

Does Matt Damon have a drinking problem? The tabloids have claimed the actor may have been drinking out of control.

Most of these rumors have also included his enduring pal, Ben Affleck, whether it be Damon’s drinking causing a problem between the two or Affleck’s drinking doing the same. Here are the few times the tabloids were wrong about Damon.

Matt Damon Is Cleaning House?

In February 2018, RadarOnline asserted Matt Damon was “distancing himself” from Ben Affleck. The website claimed Damon was ‘planning a total overhaul of his social circle” riding himself of friends who were surrounded by controversy. One friend in particular was Affleck.

The outlet alleged Damon’s name was “dragged” down because of his affiliation with Affleck and the actor wanted to fix that. Yet, when the story came out, Damon and Affleck were seen attending World Series together. It was also reported by more reputable outlets, such as People Magazine, that Damon was very supportive of Affleck’s recovery. 

Matt Damon Still Tried To Ditch Ben Affleck?

Months later, the tabloid Star alleged Ben Affleck’s sobriety was causing a rift between him and Matt Damon. This time, the story was that Damon wanted to ditch his longtime friend because the two couldn’t be “drinking buddies.

Matt Damon and wife Luciana

“It’s not like Matt’s getting drunk and getting in the car – he likes to drink responsibly,” but “his drinking has limited the amount of time he can spend with Ben, who’s trying to lead a sober life,” a supposed source told the outlet. How insensitive does that sound? To imply Damon was more concerned about losing a drinking buddy over Affleck’s sobriety is just insulting. Additionally, we’ve already corrected the narrative that Damon was looking to abandon Affleck.

Damon Drinks Himself Happy During Lock Down

The tabloids continued to insist Damon was drinking excessively. Most recently we debunked a story from the Globe that alleged Damon was drinking too much during the current lockdown. A supposed source told the paper Damon was guzzling 10 beers a day and “drowning his sorrows.” The outlet contended Damon was “bored” and preferred to relive his boredom that way but friends were worrying the actor was spiraling out of control. 

Matt Damon: Life Coach?

In June 2018, months after RadarOnline had purported Damon was trying to get rid of Affleck, the website then claimed Damon was Affleck’s “life coach”. It’s weird how the outlet went from claiming Damon wanted nothing to do with Affleck, but months later, he was trying to “coach” him. We checked with a spokesperson for Affleck at the time to confirm our suspicions and we were told the article was completely fabricated.

If Damon likes to drink a few beers from time to time, it doesn’t mean he’s alcoholic. And if he chooses not to partake in any drinking, doesn’t mean he’s turning against Affleck either. Honestly, the tabloids need to get it together.