Prince William, Prince Harry signaled tensions when Charles married Camilla

It looks like Prince William and Prince Harry weren’t the most comfortable when their father, Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles.

A body language expert has analyzed photographs from the Prince of Wales’ second wedding ceremony with his longtime love and the ‘other woman’ in his first marriage with Princess Diana.

Blanca Cobb, an expert in reading body language, analyzed a photo of the Duke of Cornwall standing with his new wife and his two sons along with his step-children Tom and Laura Parker Bowles.

“It seems odd that he wouldn’t be giving it his complete attention. Maybe something grabbed his attention or maybe he just wasn’t into it and was just going through the motions,” she said.

She went on to say that his “posed smile” reflected his feelings inside.

“He’s either feeling confident or giving the impression that he’s doing okay or another possibility, it could be a way to brace himself.”

She said that this could be a signal that “he was not completely over the death of his mother” and wasn’t completely on board with the idea of his father marrying again in 2005.

Analyzing Prince William, she said he was “feeling a little nervous or some anxiety” as he appeared to be “stiff” and “plastered.”