Prince William’s hidden marriage pact after Kate Middleton ‘left licking her wounds’ post split

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up with each other twice during ten years of their whirlwind romance.

The young prince broke up first because he got cold feet after feeling pressured to tie the knot with Kate.

It was then when he called off the relationship and left the future Duchess ‘licking her wounds’ at her family’s Berkshire home.

For many, it could have marked the end of a love story which many believe helped ‘save the monarchy.’

But fate decided to bring the two together when they jetted off for a romantic getaway to Seychelles.

It was then when William made a secret marriage pact with Kate, materialising their relationship into something more longterm.

The trip was Kate’s idea for William ‘to let off the steam’ and relax in nature. Little did she know he will agree to marry her during this trip only.

The so-called ‘marriage pact’ entailed the couple to wait until after William had finished his Army training, as well as his Navy and RAF duties.

The Mail on Sunday reports the couple announced their engagement shortly after.

On the occasion, Kate said, “I think if you go out with someone for quite a long time, you get to know each other very very well. You go through the good times, you go through the bad times.”