Wiz Khalifa Turns Adele’s Hello into a Stoner Anthem

Wiz Khalifa Sang Over Adele's Hello
Wiz Khalifa Sang Over Adele's Hello

WIZ Khalifa has rapped his way through a stoner version of Adele’s comeback single Hello.

The US rapper was challenged by radio host Mister Cap on Los Angeles’ Power 106, to rap along to any beat. After accepting the challenge, Cap started playing Adele’s Hello and just as the song reached its climatic chorus, he threw the microphone to Khalifa.

“Roll one up and let’s get high,” the rapper sings as opposed to “hello from the other side”. “I am trying to get fried, I bought some weed and you can smoke, you trying to get high I’m trying to talk,” he raps.

“I got a grinder, I got a bong, I got some weed so let’s make a song, I got so much as we all get along.”

After singing his version for over a minute, the rapper was asked to title his free styled edition. “What’s her song called?” Khalifa asks before deciding to name the song Hella Os.