Zara Tindall to Fix Feud within the Royal Family?

Zara Tindall is, allegedly, playing the role of a peacemaker for Prince William and Prince Harry in the midst of their rift, especially after the Duke of Sussex did his bombshell interview with Meghan Markle on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

According to the reports, Zara Tindall, the cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry and the daughter of Princess Anne, along with her husband Mike Tindall has now stepped in the Royal drama helping the brothers make peace.

Reports cited that Tindall has stepped up to help William and Harry patch things up and reunite for a big event in honor of their mother, Princess Diana, in July 2021. Tindall, who doesn’t have a royal title, has a very tight bond with William and Harry and is now regarded as their peacemaker.

Sources say that Tindall was the first person to train Prince George, William’s eldest child, to ride horses.