Designer Living

There's a reason vintage homes continue to be used in romantic comedies and TV shows and are a fixture in HGTV's lineup.

After quickly selling her Tribeca penthouse in just one day, Bethenny Frankel has another stunning New York City apartment on the market.

If you've fantasized about a farmhouse lifestyle minus the acreage and upkeep, you'll want to check out this mobile farmhouse.

The Spring season is the perfect time to reinvigorate any and all areas of your life.

When it comes to making affordable furniture look expensive.

Find yourself feigning excuses for why your friend can't pop up to your place.

Bethenny Frankel's Tribeca apartment is finally unoccupied and on the market! Fans of the Bravo.

No matter where you live, adding personal touches is what makes your space feel enchanting.

If you're a small-space dweller looking to downsize your belongings or if you're just motivated.

Decorating is a process, and there will undoubtedly be hits and misses but you don't have to learn every interior design .

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