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When it comes to making affordable furniture look expensive.

Ikea has been refining its skills at creating high-quality Scandinavian-style home goods at a reasonable price.

Tufting is a design element that may have a place in your home.

heck out these photos of sofas to get ideas for your home. Red is bold and draws the eye. When you opt for red, your sofa becomes a focal point and signature piece.

Their first hotel will be opening in Amsterdam in the fall of 2016. Concrete has designed Zoku, a new hotel industry brand facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional.


The metal pipe structure can take a good amount of weight, and with a super soft duvet, it looks a little like a play-doh factory, which I personally find quite amusing!

If you are in pain, you will not sleep well. Most people don’t realize that they can take simple actions to ensure their mattress is in the best shape for the best night’s sleep.

By selecting the right furniture, you can relax at home and leave the outside world at the door. Decorating is a great way to bring out your creativity, but knowing the best way to do it is key to a happier home.

It consists of a cluster of bright green, upholstered stools which are motorized using a linear actuator. This means that the cushions on the stool can be raised or lowered.

Pick the wrong spots and you won’t be able to move freely through your space. Arranging furniture is about creating a natural flow in your home.

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