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Tips For Decorating, Even When You're in Limbo

Tips For Decorating

Posted on 2017-02-10
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Many renters have the misconception that it is a waste of money to invest in decorating and that they should simply wait until they buy a home. The problem? Buying is a process, and for many buyers looking in major cities, it can easily be delayed by lack of inventory or lack of funds. The other real problem? Having a home that is all over the place makes you feel unsettled, anxious, and ready to leave ASAP. Living in a fully furnished, well-designed space gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillment every time you walk through the door. It makes you want to stay in and invite people over, and helps you appreciate where you live. That is why it's important to start investing in pieces that fill your home (wherever it may be) as soon as possible, no matter your budget.

Start Small

Focus on decor and accessories only if you really want your current home to feel complete but plan on upgrading in the near future. Laying down inexpensive rugs, putting up fun art (Ikea is a great place to start), replacing hanging light fixtures (Overstock has a ton of options), adding curtains, and fitting in greenery will make all the difference. Chances are you will reuse a majority of these items at your next place.

The In-Between


If you are ready to throw out some furnishings already and want to start investing before you have found your dream home, then chairs (both lounge and dining) are great investments that you can bring anywhere, as is a console and side tables. You can also start to purchase rugs and buy quality decor, like wall mirrors, pottery, pillows, and throws.

What You Should Wait On

Regardless of your budget, if you are not in your dream home, there are still items to wait on. I highly suggest taking a pause on sofas, coffee tables, beds, and dining tables. These are the big pieces that set the tone for the rooms they're in and need to be the right scale. In other words, you need the perfect size, and since these items fill most of the space, you want to wait to know exactly the style you're going for.