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5 Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extracozy


Posted on 2017-02-14
Luxury Living

Winter is still very much in full swing, and some of us may have a few months of it left. But instead of letting the thought of dark, cold days get you down, take some time to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. With the addition of soft, plush textures, the right color choices, and some smart design tricks, it's never been easier to turn your humdrum bedroom into a cozy winter hideout! Discover ahead some of our favorite ways to make your bedroom feel cozier.

1. Hang Decorative Tassel Art

Tassel art looks great above your bed, adding more depth and texture than conventional wall hangings. And it can be a supereasy DIY project, too.

2. Use Faux Fur

Pillows, throws, rugs . . . the options for faux fur are endless. You can never have too much faux fur in a cozy space, so combine as many of these options as you like!

3. Get a Plush Rug

If you have a cold floor, stepping out of bed every morning onto a plush rug that envelopes your feet is just the trick.

4. Hang Heavy Curtains

Thick curtains in a dark, rich color add drama to the room and tone down the natural light, giving your bedroom a warmer feel.

5. Get an Upholstered Headboard

Plush fabrics and textures throughout your room, including on the headboard, are a great way to soften the space.