Gia Coppola hosted dinner at Soho House in Austin, TX

Gia Coppola hosted dinner at Soho House in Austin, TX
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Gia Coppola on Lena Dunham
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The scene at the Cobalt event

Gia Coppola on Lena Dunham, Female Filmmakers and Blood Orange at SXSW.

The first day of the music portion of South by Southwest Gia Coppola hosted a dinner for Dazed & Confused’s Females First film series at the pop-up Soho House in Austin, Tex.

“There are just so few female filmmakers, and we have our own point of view, and it’s important to get that out there,” said Coppola, who is acting as the series’ ambassador. “Women need to support women. I just love seeing other females work. It’s more touching to me.”

Gia Coppola Female First SXSW
A filmmaker in her own right she directed the teen drama “Palo Alto” Coppola, granddaughter of Francis Ford, counts aunt Sofia Coppola and “Girls” creator Lena Dunham as staunch supporters. “She’s really gung-ho about being supportive, and it’s really nice because it’s scary [to be a filmmaker],”

Mia MorettiCoppola said of Dunham, though the two have never discussed working together on the latter’s HBO series. “That would be fun.” Though she was in Austin mainly for fun, she was looking forward to Thursday when she’d debut her latest project, a music video for Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough.”

Scene at the Cobalt event