Living and Life Style

Imagine getting a tattoo that can measure your heart rate, or sleeping.

This magnificent looking piece of apparatus combines the fundamental principles behind the classic Hasselblad cameras with top of the range innovation and technology,

their Suit Edition headphones looks every bit the premium part wrapped in leather and precision machined metal, an audio accessory with the fit, finish, and material communicating luxury rather than tech.

It offers interactive guitar lessons through a series of free apps , and works with a multitude of other music apps and platforms, so everyone from beginners to pros can play.

Master & Dynamic teamed up with designer Carolyn Rowan to create a limited edition version of their MH30 on-ear headphones.

Aware of the redundant geometrical similarity in the speaker industry, the minds at Tao Design were inspired to create a special,

Stellé Audio is leading the way in audio technology with wireless speakers that are the perfect union of sound and style.

Victoria's Secret is selling an Incredible sports bra that boasts heart rate sensors for bpm tracking

Virgin Mobile launches wearable technology that have ability to call home with the click of your heels

Fashion Designer Rebecca MInkoff has lined up with Case-Mate to create a collection of wearable Fashion accessories.

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