Living and Life Style

Recording superstar Alicia Keys may call herself “a beauty virgin,” but with her first beauty campaign, she’s proving she can easily go the distance while juggling a daunting number of projects.

Maria Sharapova claimed her second French Open title on Saturday, and luck is certainly on her side as she looks ahead to Wimbledon. For good measure, Sharapova has signed with Avon Products Inc. as the face of Avon Luck, a pair of fragrances for women an

Alexander Wang is taking the next step in putting a new spin on a classic. With his first fragrance, Wang taps into Balenciaga’s heritage, filtered through his own modern perspective.

Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution Perry’s first launch with Coty, said Marsha Brooks, global marketing vice president of Coty Beauty Fragrances

Boutique Parisian perfumer Memo has launched a new fragrance that harnesses the scent of sesame, the first in a new collection called “Graines Vagabondes”, which will be inspired by seeds and their life-enhancing power.

New fragrance line Roads at Galeries Lafayette Berlin with the aid of a white and silver truck that functions

Guests including Dolores Chaplin and Ali Mahdavi visited an exhibition celebrating 50 years since the launch of the Y scent before attending the launch party.

France’s first lady of fragrance is back — and this time, she’s doing it her way. Chantal Roos, the powerhouse behind such legendary juices as YSL’s Opium and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey, has teamed with her daughter, Alexandra, to create a

Beautiful and lasting scent memories that inspired the fragrance specialists at British brand Jo Malone to create a Luxury Fragrance Trousseau.

stars in the fragrance advertisement, whose print version was photographed by James Bort. Gilbert has been Repetto’s ambassador since January 2012.