The Best and Brightest Colors to Wear This Spring

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Posted on 2017-03-15
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A little bit of Spring shopping doesn't hurt. In fact, it's almost essential as you transition your wardrobe for the changing season. Your clothing easily affects your mood, and for that reason, it helps to be conscious of the colors you reach for when the sun starts to shine. The six shades here aren't just on trend; they're fresh and exciting. Read a detailed description of each one, then revitalize your look by shopping some key pieces in your new favorite tones.

1. Dusty Rose

This shade is darker than a pastel, but it's not as bright as "Barbie" pink. In fact, it's more of a neutral. Feel free to mix in more bright colors to liven up your look.

2. Kelly Green

This shade of green is in-your-face flashy, so mute it with a pair of jeans or dark accents.

3. Potter's Clay Orange

Olivia Palermo was rocking the shade on the regular in the Fall of 2016, but this color's got staying power. Just like dusty pink, it's got a neutral quality to it. It's brighter than your camel coat but not as extreme as neon.

4. Cobalt Blue

True fans of the color blue can always get behind a royal minidress or bold coordinates in the shade. Cobalt might not be traffic-stopping, but it's noticeable enough to stand out in the street.

5. Neutrals

Yes, so long as your silhouette is attention-grabbing, neutral shades like khaki and caramel are perfectly trendy for the season.