Studio Edwards designs minimal house on wheels Base Cabin

Studio Edwards has transformed the basic A-frame cabin into a manufactured mobile house with smooth rubber skin. Base Cabin is a wooden small smart living home on wheels, a long ways from the run of the typical caravan or trailer.

Melbourne-based Studio Edwards needed the versatile retreat to be increasingly similar to a minimal, contemporary structure. Architect Designer Ben Edwards looked to both the Airstream, famous for its smoothed streamlined shaped and the A-frame hut for inspiration.

The A-frame structure gives the building a particular asymmetric geometry, yet in addition, it makes it all the structurally effective.

The geometry is uplift by a blend of the A-frame cabin and the notorious Airstream trailer,” the design told that “A-frame uses less material than ordinary portal surrounded structures,” he said. “This was a significant thought with respect to the general mass of the building, it must be transportable.

Like the Airstream’s polished aluminium outside, the Base Cabin is transcendently clad in only one material. Black elastic rubber gives the structure as a homogenous aesthetic but additionally keeps it weatherproof.

“It was picked for being both quality and durable, quiet in its appearance and ready to flawlessly wrap the angular form,” said Edwards.

Inside, the cabin is split into three rooms. A washroom at the centre of the floor plan divides the main living and feasting space from the bedroom area.

The kitchen comes furnished with a sink, refrigerator and different cupboards, while the washroom incorporates a shower, toilet and sink. The faceted geometries of the outside make sloping walls inside, offering a feeling of intimacy. This makes a triangular, tent-like space in the room.

Wooden boards line the wall, while a lookout window at the most elevated purpose of the rooftop brings daylight into each of the three rooms. Edwards established his architecture design studio in 2016, having recently been a director of Edwards Moore Architects.

The architect frequently works on small-scale projects, with past models remembering a smaller than a normal art studio for a car park and an industrial-style rooftop extension. He created Base Cabin as the first design model for an organization of a similar name. 

Base Cabin constructs bespoke mobile homes and smaller-scale homes. Clients can order this model or design structure their own.”Collaboration with designers is at the centre of what we do,” reads the company statement.

“While the cabin we construct is little or smaller in size, we search out the best completes to incorporate them into our spaces. We put stock in quality over amount.

Edwards trusts his structure design will help people with rediscovering the straightforward delights of nature.