Kuo: iPhone 12 to feature improved autofocus, periscope camera lens coming in 2022

In a new report today, TF Securitiess analyst Ming-Chi Kuo details Apple’s plans for its iPhone camera suppliers. Kuo believes that Semco and Sunny Optical (the ‘best’ Korean and Chinese lens supplier respectively) are joining the iPhone supply chain this year.

Apple regularly sources parts from multiple suppliers to increase competition in its supply chain and reduce costs. Kuo also believes that these companies will be able to deliver higher quality components with better performance.

For the iPhone 12, Apple is reportedly using Semco’s ball-based voice coil motor, compared to the current spring-based design, for improved autofocus. In 2022, Kuo believes the iPhone will feature periscope telephoto lenses manufactured by Semco.

(Periscope cameras refer to the way in which they operate, end users would not see a difference in design. Periscope lenses do not literally protrude out of the phone, but instead efficiently use internal vertical space to improve photo quality. Periscope lenses are used today in some Huawei phones.)

The iPhone 12 is expected to ship this fall in four models: a new smaller iPhone with a 5.4-inch screen, two 6.1-inch models, and a high-end 6.7-inch ‘Max’ model. The premium 6.1-inch and the Max iPhone 12 will feature triple lens camera array and the depth-sensing LiDAR scanner.