Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle

Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle is a women's fragrance by Lacoste.
Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle is a women's fragrance by Lacoste.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle has an elegant, sensual fragrance, that captures the natural intensity of soft floral notes on a relaxed, warm evening.

A new edition of Lacoste’s Eau De Lacoste released earlier in 2014 is presented with a new facet of the wonderful aroma. Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle is the darker richer character of the original release transformed into a gourmand sensation of marvelous nougat sweetness.

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle showcases a sophisticated but simple beauty, with a delicate style that is remembrance of happy nights. Starting with the invigorant sensation offered by a cool night breeze, the scent starts with shining, attractive pink pepper clashing beautifully with tart blackcurrant. While the magical sun slowly sets the aroma transforms and the setting shifts into the simple classiness of Turkish rose blending with the gentle effusion of sweet pea and the new and different purple flowers of Gladiolus Inflexus. Upon sundown, the power of the night and all that it has to deliver is magically experienced. The gentle delicacy of nougat covered with chocolate mixes with the wealthy coziness of amber to deliver the best perfume to enhance the sensual surroundings for the night unfolding.

The exciting new perfume is presented in the characteristic shape Eau De Lacoste perfume bottle and for this release in a renewed mysterious tanzanite looking purple blue hue. The stylish glass vial illustrates a layout of comfort and easiness in the style of a straight forward design free of restrictions, referring to all cultures and societies globally. The dark amethyst purple cap of the vial is designed and appears like loosely-knit piqué cotton that was created for ease of play and comfort by René Lacoste, the French 7-time Grand Slam tennis champion. The bottle is dressed with a circular golden color medallion with the Lacoste brand imprinted on it. This is the simple timeless approach and character of the Lacoste Brand. 

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle perfume will roll out in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml versions of Eau De Parfum formulation.