Xbox Series X will “Play Thousands of Games at Launch”

Xbox Series X will have a many playable games at launch, as indicated by an Xbox Wire blog post from Jason Ronald, the chief director of program management on Xbox Series X.

The news confirms Microsoft’s backwards compatible promises as a major new occasion for the support console looms.

“Xbox Series X is currently in the possession of our 15 Xbox Game Studios team and the greatest names from our network of game development and distributing studios around the world, ensuring Xbox Series X self-control another new generation of blockbuster games, similar to Halo Infinite,” the statement reads. “Also, we’re engaging you to play many games at launch because we believe firmly in delivering compatibility across four generations of Xbox and we realize you need this as well.”

Microsoft has just acknowledged the Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible overall Xbox generation in a recent year February post and as we recently announced, commitment to backwards compatibility has been a central core system for the Microsoft group team. Phil Spencer posted a blog in March about Xbox Series X’s inspiring collection of backwards-compatible games, and how they’ll profit by the new hardware.

The post reads: “Our duty to a commitment to compatibility means existing Xbox One games, backwards-compatible Xbox 360 and unique original Xbox games, look and play over and above anyone’s expectations previously. Your most hot favourite games, along with titles for Xbox Game Pass, now its improved resolution and visual reliability, quicker load times, and improved goals and visual loyalty. Your Xbox One gaming accessories also come along with you.”