12 Super-Easy Hair Looks Every Woman Can Do in Five Minutes

1. Party-Perfect Hair:

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Party Hairstyles Picshairstyle ideasparty hairstyle tipsparty hairstyle picturesHeaded to one of your BFF’s birthdays and want to kick your look up a notch?

2. Sexy Side-Swept Braid:

Swept Braid Hairstyles PicturesSwept Braid HairstylesSwept Braid Hairstyles Step by StepSwept Braid Hairstyles StepsSwept Braid Hairstyles ImagesSwept Braid Hairstyles PicturesWant to wear a voluminous sexy side braid out this Saturday? If so, use this tutorial and these tips.

3. Glam Half-Up Bouffant:

Glam Half-Up BouffantHalf-Up Bouffant HairstylesHalf-Up Bouffant Hairstyles 1Half-Up Bouffant Hairstyles 2Half-Up Bouffant HairstylesThis mod hairstyle will definitely turn some heads.

4. Chic Side Bun:

Side Bun HairstylesSide Bun Hairstyles 1Side Bun Hairstyles 2Side Bun Hairstyles 3Bun HairstylesChic side buns don’t always have to be wound tight. Try this sexy, loose side chignon to switch up your style.

5. Crisscross Top Knot:

Top Knot HairstylesTop Knot Hairstyles 1Top Knot Hairstyles 2Top Knot Hairstyles PicturesThis isn’t your average top knot.

6. Mermaid Waves:

Mermaid Waves HairstylesMermaid Hairstyles Step by StepMermaid Waves Hairstyles 2Mermaid Waves Hairstyles 3Mermaid Waves Hairstyles 4Mermaid Waves Hairstyles 5Mermaid waves are kind of a thing right now.

7. A Beautiful Bow Style:

Beautiful Bow HairStyleBeautiful Bow HairStyleWrap your hair up into this pretty look and prepare for compliments to fly.

8. The Sexy Spike:

Spike HairstylesSpike Hairstyles PicturesSpike Hairstyles 2If you already have a pixie cut, you can do this sexy spiky style in two seconds flat — just use this tutorial for help.

9. A Textured Twist:

Textured Twist HairstylesTextured Twist Hairstyles 1Textured Twist Hairstyles 2Textured Twist Hairstyles 3Twist HairstylesFrench twists don’t always have to be tightly pulled and super sophisticated looking.

10. Milkmaid Braids:

Milkmaid Braids HairstylesMilkmaid Braids Hairstyles 1Milkmaid Braids Hairstyles 2Milkmaid Braids Hairstyles 3Milkmaid Braids Hairstyles 4Milkmaid Braids Hairstyles StepsThis hairstyle looks daunting, but it’s actually easy because of this tutorial.

11. A Sexy, Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek Ponytail HairstylesPonytail HairstylesSleek Ponytail Hairstyles 2Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles 3Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles 4This sleek ponytail is about as sexy as they come.

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12. A Flirty Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail Braid HairStyleFishtail Braid HairStyle 1Fishtail Braid HairStyle 2Fishtail Braid HairStyle 3Fishtail Braid HairStyle stepsTHIS is the perfect day to date night hair.

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