18 Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

bridal makeupWhile your dress is definitely crucial, your makeup is equally important — not only will everyone will be looking at your face and its radiant glow, but photos are forever. To look perfect in snapshots and IRL, follow this advice and vow to not make any of these makeup mistakes.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

1. Not booking a makeup trial. You wouldn’t book a photographer without looking at his portfolio, would you? No. So don’t skip scheduling a trial with your makeup artist. This is an important first step because you need to figure out what look you want and make sure you and your makeup artist are on the same page. The last thing you need is a spur-of-the-moment smoky eye when you wanted a lighter look.

bridal eye makeup

2. Looking like someone else on your big day. “This isn’t the time to experiment with makeup,” celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip says. “Meaning if you never wear a smoky eye, this wouldn’t be the day to wear one. You should look like the best version of yourself, simply accentuated with makeup, so that your groom recognizes you when you’re walking down the aisle.”

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3. Neglecting the rest of your body. If you’re wearing anything strapless or a dress that exposes your chest, arms, back, or legs, you’re going to want to address those areas with a non-transferrable shimmer lotion. Otherwise, you run the risk of your skin looking flat and blotchy. Blend a body formula, like Red Carpet Kolour Luminous Body Glow, in with a few drops of foundation to do your neck for a seamless transition from your base makeup. Then, use the same non-transferrable body glow on any exposed areas on the rest of your body.

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4. Skimping on waterproof formulas. #Nope. On your wedding day, you’re giving hugs and kisses, dancing like a crazy woman, crying your ass off — therefore, you’re going to want your primer, foundation, setting powder, blush, eyeshadow, mascara — everything — to be budgeproof. That way you don’t have to worry about your face slipping off mid father-daughter dance.

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5. Keeping all of the makeup looks uniform between you and your bridesmaids. The bride should always stand out from the rest of the bridal party. Sure, you’re already wearing a stunning white dress, but makeup-wise, you should also look different. Even tweaking your look slightly will make you that much more of the focus. “If you want to wear a smoky eye, have your bridesmaids do a softer version of the look or an entirely different look altogether,” Schlip says.


6. Using airbrush makeup. Ladies, just because the word airbrush is used in a makeup’s description doesn’t mean you’re going to look airbrushed when you’re all said and done. This application technique is quicker, yes, but airbrushed makeup (1) leaves a blanket-like coverage over your face that can make you look flat instead of glowy and (2) it’s hard to touch up,” Schlip says. “You’re better off applying your waterproof face base with a dampened sponge or foundation brush, so you get coverage that looks more natural and can be touched up if needed.”

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7. Not packing a touch-up kit. Your wedding day is a really long day; it’s not about just looking picture-perfect for the ceremony. So think about packing a touch-up kit, which should include a little bit of everything you used when you first applied your products. That way you can fix up your makeup in the bathroom super quickly if you don’t have a pro makeup artist on hand all night.

makeup kit

8. Using lipstick instead of a lip stain. Sure, some lipsticks promise long-wear color that won’t come off on his collar, but just to be safe, Schlip recommends going with a lip stain if you want to wear a darker lip look. The last thing you need is for you to have red lipstick all over your face when you finally kiss as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.

beauty mistakes

9. Leaving your wedding makeup look as the last thing you think about. Your makeup is an accessory just like your veil is — except guests are going to be zoning in on your face much, much more. A good rule of thumb is to start thinking about your makeup early on — perhaps right after you lock down your dress. That way your whole entire vibe goes together. For example, if you’re going with a vintage-inspired lace gown, think ethereal makeup.

bridal net dress

10. OD’ing on highlighter. You probably want to look like a glowing goddess on your wedding day, but you need to keep a couple of areas matte, like your forehead and upper lip. If your forehead is the tiniest bit shiny, you’re going to look oily, not healthy. And if your upper lip is gleaming, it’s going to look like you’re sweating your ass off. Be sure to only apply highlighter on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and on the inner corners of your eyes.

light makeup

11. Trying false lashes for the first time. Again, this is not the time to experiment with beauty looks you’ve never tried before. If you want to have fuller, thicker lashes on you big day, either try this tutorial, which uses makeup only to get the effect, or opt for gluing on individuals clusters with clear glue, since they’re the easiest to apply yourself.

bigger lashes

12. Swiping on too much blush. While you want to bump up your makeup for photos, you also don’t want to look like a clown. For perfect wedding blush, pick a soft shade of pink or a universally flattering shade like coral, and use a stippling brush to apply it.

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This tool is perfect because it picks up only a bit of color with its synthetic tips and then blends it all nicely with a denser hair base.

bride blush

13. Go bold or go home. Well, not everywhere. If you want to play up one area, making your eyes or lips bold, do it. Just be sure to only choose one feature to accentuate, and then balance out the rest of your face. For example, if you’re going for smoky eye, do a nude lip — that way you won’t look too harsh both in person and in photos.

bold expressions

14. Skipping primer. You don’t necessarily need primer, but it will make your makeup last longer. If you choose to use it, you don’t need to apply it all over your face. Instead, Schlip suggests patting it onto areas of your face tend to get oily, like your forehead, T-zone, and chin. Make sure to use a matte primer, lest you appear sweaty.


15. Plucking your eyebrows the day of. It’s never a good idea to mess with your face the day of your wedding. If you wax or have your eyebrows plucked professionally, make your appointment several days before your big day. That way, if you have some random reaction to the wax or tweezing, the morning of your special day won’t be spent concealing a rash or unsightly red bumps.

Plucking eyebrows

16. Getting your first spray tan the day before your wedding. Spray tans are almost impossible to remove, and you definitely don’t want to have to deal with the aftermath of a botched job the day of. So, if you’ve never gotten a spray tan before or haven’t in a long time, schedule a trial run for a month before your date. That way you can talk about what you want and get a sneak peek at how the results will turn out way before you walk down the aisle.

spray tan

17. Caking on foundation because you think it will look better in photos. Please, for the love of God, don’t do this. No one looks better in photos with more base makeup on. “Instead, use a waterproof foundation base only where you need it,” Schlip says. “Too much will only leave you looking like you’re wearing theatre makeup — it just won’t look natural.”

makeup foundation

18. Passing on pressed powder. Hot spots happen to the best of us — those areas on your face that glow in pictures, making you look like you’re getting beamed up into outer space. So to avoid them at all costs, hit any areas that tend to get that bad glow with a translucent powder, which will instantly help kill any unwanted shine.

bridal makeup tips

Now you’ll look perfect on your wedding day. Congratulations!

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