20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems

Most Annoying Beauty ProblemsLooking flawlessly beautiful all the time is the utmost desire of every woman But there are a certain problems related to beauty that become so annoying that you just want to get rid of them.

Well, that happens to everyone. We have found the solutions to the 20 most annoying beauty problems for you.

1. White film appears on the lips after applying lip gloss

Clean your lips thoroughly when you cleanse your face daily Use a damp towel and massage your lips in small circular motion to remove all the dead skin. Either way, use your tooth brush to remove the skin while brushing twice a day and apply moisturizer.

2. The cleanser does not remove the makeup properly

If you still find makeup on your face even after cleansing; try using a little almond oil. Apply a little almond oil on the areas where you find makeup traces and sweep it with a cotton swab.

3. Traces of mascara fall on the eyelids

This is another problem among the 20 most annoying beauty problems. Try using a primer on the lashes before applying the mascara. This will make it stay for longer hours without falling on the lids.

4. Makeup brushes get damaged in a few months

The makeup brushes get damaged if makeup stays on them for long. Make it a habit to clean the brushes daily on regular basis after applying the makeup. This will prolong the life of the brushes and keep them functional.

5. Selection of the right concealer

The market is loaded with the concealers of different brands. Try using water based concealer because it will get absorbed quickly and will not look cakey. Either way, you can also go for a good tinted moisturizer as a concealer.

6. Fast growth of hair after shaving

This is really a trouble and is among the 20 most annoying beauty problems. The best solution to the problem is to quit shaving and go for waxing instead. This will save a lot of hassle and the hair will start growing thin.

7. Red skin around the nose

The skin around the nose is sensitive and is prone to infection. Do not rub the skin harshly while scrubbing. Use a soothing moisturizer and avoid spicy foods in your diet. If the problem prevails, see a dermatologist to find out the right reason behind it.

8. Fragile nails

Use garlic water to strengthen the nails and keep up the required level of calcium in your diet. Use a glass file instead of metallic nail file and file the nails very gently to avoid breakage.

9. How to protect your hair in the outdoors

Atmosphere can damage your hair. Be it the sun or the rain, it is always better to protect your hair in the outdoors. In order to solve this problem included in the list of 20 most annoying beauty problems, always keep a silk scarf in your handbag. Wear it while going out so that your hair doesn’t get damaged. Use hair repairing masks weekly or fortnightly to undo the damage, if any.

10. Chipped nail polish

Apply two coats of the nail polish to get the best look. Don’t use your nails as tools to open the lids or to take out a staple. Always apply the top coat after applying the nail polish.

11. Applying the perfect eye liner

Try applying the pencil first and then apply the liquid eye liner. This will give you a clear outline to apply in the right place. Always rest your elbow on the table while applying the eye liner.

12. Dead skin on the feet

Keep a foot scrub handy in the shower. Use it in small circular motions on the heels after taking the shower. The skin will turn soft during the shower and it will easily be removed afterwards.

13. Lipsticks break in the summer

The simplest solution to another problem among the 20 most annoying beauty problems is to keep them in the refrigerator during summers. They will keep hard and will not break. Always apply the lipstick with the brush during the hot summer days. This will give you nice application and will not waste the product.

14. Frizzy hair

Always apply conditioner and a little olive oil to your hair after every shower. Both will make hair soft without losing the volume. Apply hair masks weekly to keep the hair well nourished and away from the damage.

15. Oily t-zone

Your t-zone becomes oily after a few hours of applying makeup. Try to use as less foundation as you can and keep the face powder handy in your bag. But never apply too much face powder, otherwise it will look cakey.

16. Iron burns

Try to use head-bands or ear covers while ironing your hair. This will protect your forehead from burning.

17. Damaged makeup packaging

Keep tissue papers on your dresser. Use them to clean your hands while doing makeup. This will keep your makeup products safe from getting mixed up and the packaging too. This will also help not to transfer the bacteria back to your skin.

18. Redness after waxing

Apply soothing lotion with cucumber and aloe vera extracts after the wax to keep the skin safe from itching and redness. Switch to natural sugar based wax to avoid any chemical reaction. This will solve the one among 20 most annoying beauty problems.

19. Whitish look after applying the sunblock

Mix the sunblock with a little moisturizer to eliminate that whitish film on the skin. You can also opt for a water based sunblock that absorbs better.

20. Dark underarms

Try to exfoliate the skin to remove the dark dead skin cells. Also you can switch to wax instead of shaving the underarms. This will slow down the growth of the hair and the skin will not turn dark.

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