8 Reasons ’80s Beauty Trends Are Back In A Big Way

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way

Though there’s been a ’90s renaissance for some time now, thanks to the grunge movement and Kylie Jenner-inspired mauve lip liner, it looks like we’re going even further into the past for Spring  to the ’80s that is! The Spring 2017 Fashion Week runways are revealing throwback fads, such as graphic electric eyeliner and voluminous hair.

To help showcase how to wear these old-school styles in modern ways, we found gorgeous celebrity red carpet looks that prove a side ponytail can be totally chic. Keep reading to see some of your favorite ’80s trends reincarnated!

Side Ponytails

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way

The trend: Side ponytails
The reference: Young Stephanie Tanner from Full House
Proof it’s back: When the queen of the music business shows up at the most fashion-forward event in Hollywood (the Met Gala) wearing a high side ponytail, you know it’s en vogue. How to make it modern: Instead of a poufy side pony, Beyoncé wore it slicked back with of-the-moment curling-iron waves at the tail.

Electric Graphic Eye Makeup

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Electric graphic eye makeup
The reference: Grace Jones
Proof it’s back: Before everyone was smoking out and smudging their eye makeup à la the Kardashians, ’80s icons were wearing graphic looks featuring neon pinks and blues. During Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016, Jaden Smith’s girlfriend, Sarah Snyder, rocked this fuchsia look amongst fashion’s finest. How to make it modern: In the ’80s, the vibe was more is more. Attention-grabbing eye makeup was often paired with an equally vibrant lip. Nowadays, you should follow Sarah’s lead by keeping everything else simple: a filled-in brow, mascara, bronzer, and a neutral-hued lip color will do!

Mullet Haircuts

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Mullet haircuts
The reference: Jane Fonda
Proof it’s back: While today it’s dubbed “the shag,” the cut draws inspiration from the mullet (business in the front, party in the back). While Taylor Swift has been sporting this textured crop for sometime, she recently got the style again for Fall. Beauty pros also predict the look will be hot this season. How to make it modern: When you’re at the salon, ask for a “razored, sliced, freehanded haircut” advises Matt Fugate, Kérastase Paris consulting hairstylist. The texture is what keeps it edgy and current.

Voluminous Curls

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Voluminous tightly curled hair
The reference: Janet Jackson
Proof it’s back: Kerry Washington created buzz when she traded her usual sleek waves for 360 degrees of curly volume at the 2016 Emmy Awards. How to make it modern: Ditch the curly bangs. Kerry’s center part keeps the major hair moment in this decade.

Platinum Blonde

The trend: Platinum blonde
The reference: Madonna
Proof it’s back: When Kim Kardashian transformed from a deep brunette to a double-processed blonde, citing Madonna as her inspiration, women ran to the salon in need of pale dye and Olaplex. How to make it modern: Wear it in slightly wavy hair that is lob or midlength to ensure the shade looks Instagram ready.

The Rat-Tail Cut

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Rat-tail cut
The reference: David Bowie
Proof it’s back: Millennial superstar Zendaya has a DGAF attitude when it comes to fads. It was a bold move when she attended the 2016 Grammy Awards wearing this rat-tail wig as a nod to the late David Bowie. How to make it modern: Androgynous styles are just as current as they were during Bowie’s time. Zendaya kept her look very 2016 by pairing the throwback hair with contoured cheeks and a neutral-hued lip.

Glitter Makeup

8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Glitter Makeup
The reference: Cyndi Lauper
Proof it’s back: In the ’80s, celebrities went wild with putting glitter all over their faces. In Fendi’s Spring 2017 Milan Fashion Week show, Peter Philips applied chunky glitter to the models’ lips (including Gigi Hadid!). This fad was first brought back by Pat McGrath at the DKNY Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week show and via her 004 Lust Lipstick Kits. How to make it modern: Trying the trend in colors like deep ruby and mauve keeps it contemporary (as opposed to a hot pink glitter pout).


8 Reasons '80s Beauty Trends Are Back in a Big Way
The trend: Perms
The reference: Jennifer Grey (aka, Baby from Dirty Dancing)
Proof it’s back: Back in Spring, Julianne Hough shared the secret to her beach waves — a perm! Before curling wands became a thing, ’80s ladies relied on the semipermanent, texture-enhancing salon treatment to get volume and movement in their hair. How to make it modern: Rather than going for the big, teased look from the ’80s, get a modern perm that offers a soft wave pattern.

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