Crème De La Mer: Worth The Hype?!

CRÈME DE LA MERThe Crème de La Mer retails for $130 for one ounce of jar. It is rumored that Hollywood celebrities use this miracle cream religiously. With the La Mer cream you either hate or love it. If you love it than your wallet better watch out!

The ‘miracle broth’ of Crème De La Mer is a mix of sea kelp with an array of vitamins and minerals, oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower. It is a very hydrating cream and you will only need a pea sized amount to use on your face. It is a very rich, luxurious cream but it does not feel too greasy or oily on the face. The trick is too warm it up between your fingertips before applying it. It might be too heavy for some people in the summer months and may break them out. It is better for people with dry skin. It absorbs instantly and leaves the skin soft. The crème spreads very easily, and feels really nice on the skin and makes the skin supple and glowing.

Acne-prone skins should be cautious of it though because it might make their acne worse. But if you only have acne scars you will see a definite fading out of these scars.

This rich cream, if you can afford it, can leave your skin luminous and balanced.

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