Sky-High Luxury – An Opulent Private Airbus Design By Celia Sawyer

Celia Sawyer is a household name in the world of luxury design. Already recognized as one of the best interior designers in the world and inspirational professional, the British top designer is responsible for stunning projects filled opulence and extravagance.

Not being one to limit herself creatively, Celia Sawyer‘s works expand the boundaries of ground imagination and cross into the skies themselves. The top interior designer creates the most opulent interior designs projects in private airbuses, case in point: the Airbus A340, a luxury jet, an authentic “stylish residence in the sky”, owned by a royal from the Middle East.

The master suite is a vision of blue, placing at its centre a giant king-sized bed that has been enclosed by a hand-stitched crocodile leather headboard. Attached the luxury bedroom is a modern bathroom with a Swarovski crystal- and-glass basin and a tub finished from midnight-blue marble.

During all the design project process, Celia Sawyer transformed the interior of the private jet into a luxury interior design to be used by him and his family with expansive, private areas and all the options to entertain business guests while travelling around the world.

Taking opulence to the next level, Celia Sawyer designed the interior of the luxury jet in her unique design and signature style: with a contemporary design, the salon and lounge areas feature gold details and furnishings along the curvature of the aircraft.

Furthermore, Celia Sawyer, through modern furniture pieces, gave a touch of velvet, a symbol of luxury lifestyle. With a touch of glamour, added to a luxury interior design, the Airbus A340 is recognized as a superb flying machine.

Inside this modern interior design project by Celia Sawyer, the salon and lounge areas boast individual, gold-plated sections and linear modern furniture that is decorated with hand-stitched Tuscan leather and elegant velvet.

The two crystal chandeliers with 24-karat-gold accents embellish all the lounge, while the bar area is remarkably lit from beneath to create a marvellous visual effect. Such a luxury interior design project featuring the best of exclusive design and fine craftsmanship!

When we think about a characteristic of this contemporary design project, we only can say: “Glamorous”.

Filled with high-quality leather interior furnishings, the interiors of this private jet owned by a Royal Family in the Middle East offer and deliver relaxed and pleasurable environments. A stunning and remarkable design project by Celia Sawyer!

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