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Franklin Rowe’s Collection

While the every day fashionista may aspire to strut on fashion’s front row; New York fashion designer, Franklin Rowe’s concepts are “keepin’ it real” with distinguished new looks for the style row.  

Franklin Rowe is a twenty-year, veteran conceptualist of fashion and style. Rowe attended the LaGuardia high school of music and arts and was awarded a full scholarship to New York’s prestigious Traphagen School of Design. Franklin’s first break came as a Wardrobe Stylist for the broadcast studios of “One Life To Live” soap opera series.

This opportunity started his celebrity affiliations, which include Taye Diggs, Dionne Warwick, Grace Jones, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and the sweetest reality show villainess, Ms. Omorosa Manigault. Franklin’s work has been presented during the Ebony Fashion Fair runway events and the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Collection by Franklin Rowe’s For 2013 Franklin Rowe has introduced a new look to the New York fashion scene that offers women a distinguished style that accentuates femininity. Franklin has always had a fascination with dress sleeves that accentuate a woman’s shape. His collections are commonly created using fine leather fabrics, silks, natural fibers, and jersey-knits. Franklin’s choices in fabrics are inspired by nature and often include earth-tones and animal prints. The use of mixed fabric textures is also a signature application by Franklin that adds a touch of contrast to his creations.

For this season Franklin has introduced a unique style look, which he affectionately titles “Klio”. The Klio design look has the sleeves attached to the body of the dress and offers a dramatic visual impact that is undoubtedly avant-guard. The Klio dress was created for the accomplished woman whose mere presence is influential.

In 2012, Franklin had first introduced his Klio dress that is a yellow and grey colored, open shouldered jumpsuit, with one sleeve that connects the wrist to the ankle. Franklin received high accolades during that event as onlookers associated the Klio dress to the legendary, blockbuster movie Mahogany, staring Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams.    Franklin’s couture fashions reflect classic 1940’s glamour with a touch of modern chic that is influenced by European design.

Franklin Rowe’s Latest CollectionHis creations can be found in a few New York City boutiques as well as in Atlanta, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Detroit. The fashions are also available online at the F.R.I. website.  He plans to rollout exciting new design creations that apply his Klio concept to holiday dresses, outerwear and lingerie. The full-figured woman has always held a place in Franklin’s fashion portfolio. Now Franklin has plans to produce a collection of Klio inspired jersey-knit dresses for the full-figured customer.

I really try to apply innovation to my creations because I see too much design copying happening amongst the American fashion designers. What they all are producing ends up looking like the same thing. My designs are stylish and practical garments that people can wear throughout their everyday lives. Not just for holiday or red carpet affairs. For me the Klio dress is an evolution in fashion design. This look can be styled in various ways and is quite easy to get in and out of”, states Franklin Rowe.

For now, Franklin offers us a tease for what is to come. Style enthusiast can expect unique adaptations to the Klio concept for the coming seasons. Franklin Rowe is poised for a new era in conceptual apparel design; where form and function is justified. Because any fashionista can finesse her way along the front row, but only style conscious women have what it takes to be on style row.

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