Story of Fashion Designer John GallianoWhen we talk about world’s leading fashion designers all over the world, John Galliano’s name comes into the list. But in the tales of William Shakespeare, all the great and extraordinary people face tragic downfall. In Galliano’s case, hamartia is his racist attitude!

“There is a strange kind of tragic enigma associated with the problem of racism. No one, or almost no one, wishes to see themselves as racist; still racism persists, real and tenacious.” (ALBERT MEMMI).

And so it seems that John Galliano also found enigma in racism. When we talk about world’s leading fashion designers all over the world, John Galliano’s name come into the list. He has had the honor of designing clothes for late Lady Diana and first French lady Carla Bruni. His close friends and fans include Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Kate Moss.

But it seems that success is sometimes followed by downfall and that is what has happened with John Galliano.

John Galliano has recently been sacked from his own brand, Christian Dior. Where the hearts of people were full of admiration for John Galliano, they are filled with hatred, disappointment and anger towards him. John Galliano was found, with considerable proofs, to have racist attitude towards women in a bar. After the case was filed against John Galliano many other people came up to report abuse against him. It seems that John Galliano is permanently stuck in the turmoil of defamation.

On the 1st of March, the fashion house officially decided to throw him out of Christian Dior. After the fashion house received the video in which John Galliano is giving racist comments to women in the bar and saying “I love Hitler”, they decided to terminate him despite the fact that Christian Dior is famous for John Galliano only. But it seems that even his fans hate him for his racist attitude now because nobody has raised voice to bring John Galliano back in the fashion industry.

The story goes something like this; John Galliano was accused of having a racist attitude in a Paris Bar. The case was filed against him and the news has already spread quite far because of his popularity. After a week, the police received a video in which John Galliano was sitting in the same bar, nursing a drink and looking badly drunk, across two women and throwing offensive racist comments at them. When one of the women confronted him, he abused her some more. The video maker claims to have made the video because he was shocked to see John Galliano with such an attitude.

Although, John Galliano has been insisting that “I am no racist”, but after the video, he pretty much lost the case and nobody was on his side anymore.
Another 48 women filed a similar complaint against John Galliano. It seems that fate has decided against him too.

The comments which John Galliano passed at women in the video are of such an offensive nature that the public no longer supports him.

John Galliano has also filed a case against those who have files complaints against him that led to his defamation. Galliano was presented at the call of prosecutors in front of abused victims, where he denied all the charges and insisted once again that he is not a racist and all the complaints against him are simply an attempt to de-fame him.

The world is in shock and full of anger at the action by john Galliano and it seems that the days of fame for John Galliano are coming to an end.

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