Top Fashion Designers of today’s world

Top Fashion DesignersIn today’s world, everything from clothes to accessories has become quite a sensitive issue because everybody wants to have something that nobody has ever had! Women love to boast about wearing top Fashion Designers and men like to complete their manliness with a nicely cut suit which of course should have a fashion designer’s name to it.

With practically millions of fashion designers all over the world, people get confused as to which one is truly the best. We all want our money to be justified and we all want to have the best clothes on. Choosing the right Fashion Designers is the most difficult task in the process, since the rest of the job is upon the fashion designer.

There are some fashion designers who are thought to be above all fashion designers and some people even go as far as saying that these creative fashion designers don’t have a rival all over the world. This article will talk about 4 such fashion designers.

Valentino Garavani is an Italian Fashion Designer who is known for his exquisite designs and the art of turning a woman into a goddess. Valentino Garavani is one those Fashion Designers who are seen in the form of his designs frequently on the red carpet. Valentino Garavani also has the honor of dressing up the most famous women in the world, two of these women are Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor. He also designed the wedding dress of Jacqueline Kennedy’s when she was married to Aristotle Onassis in 1968. Valentino Garavani is one of those creative fashion designers whose name can never die out from the fashion industry.

Tom Ford is a hot looking fashion designer who is a heart throb for many women all over the world. He was born in Texas and originally planned to be an actor because of his extraordinary good looks. Later, he joined the army of creative fashion designers and made magic which is recognized all over the world. Tom Ford is one of the first few names which come into mind when we talk about creative fashion designers.

Donatella Versace is one of those few female fashion designers who have reached the highest of popularity limits in fashion industry. With a flamboyant personality, Donatella gives elegance to clothes which are sensuous at the same time. Having followed the steps of her late brother she gained popularity rapidly and gave her own touch to designs which were easily accepted. Born in Italy, Donatella is one of the fashion designers which are known all over the world.

Stella Mccartney is a name recognized all over the world and a new hot addition in creative fashion designers. Stella, being the daughter of a super star became a well known name in no time. This popularity is credited to her exquisite designs rather than a popular parent. The sleek, elegant look of her clothes is enough to take any one’s heart away.

And the list of popular fashion designers goes on. While these are not necessarily the top four fashion designers in the world, but they are definitely one those you need to know about.

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