10 Sexiest Victoria’s Secret Models

brooklyn decker

Modeling career is one of the most adored careers around. There are certain models that have made it to the top in the beauty extravaganza. As a beauty enthusiast, then you must know of these top 10 sexiest Victoria’s Secret models. Have a look at them and know some of their achievements.

1. Adriana Lima

adriana lima

She is a Brazilian model who has managed to make it to the Victoria Secret Angel category. She joined the beauty brand in the year 2000. Since then, she has expanded her boundaries and is now regarded as one of the most desirable angels in Victoria and beyond. She attended an interview with GQ magazine and revealed that she was still a virgin. She has moved several men around the world. She is married to Jaric Marko, who is a basket player from Serbia. They have two kids now. Adrian has remained the top leading and beautiful sexy model in Victoria and beyond.

2. Candice Swanepoel

candice swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a model from South Africa. In the year 2010, she made it to the top ten best Victoria secret models. She was born on October, 1988. She possesses the figure, beauty and composure to move the crowd. Her fame and fortune has taken deep roots in most parts of the world. Her move, look and character can make your day. Candice Swanepoel has worked several modeling gigs and has proved to possess the true features a sexy model is required to. She appeared as the second sexiest model in Victoria.

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is from Brazil and has Italian and Polish blood. She was chosen to be the first spokesmodel for PINK Company line. Among the achievements that she has modeled include Next, Christian Dior, Armani Exchange and Ralph Lauren among others. She is currently one of the leading sexy models in Victoria. Alessandra Ambrosio has made a lot of contributions in the modeling industry in Victoria.

4. Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr

This is the first model from Australia that has been featured in the Victoria’s Secret in the year 2006 when she took part in the campaign. She is now one of the leading and most recognized models around the world. She has managed to launch major brands such as Kora Organics and has written a self-help book. Miranda Kerr is a great sexy model that can’t just miss in the top ten sexy models list.

5. Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes

This is a Dutch actress and as well as a model. She entered the Victoria Secret in the year 2004. She became Victoria Angel in the year 2008. She entered into contract with L’Oreal. She has a beautiful look and made it to the Fifth position in the Forbes list. She has earned about $6.9 million. Her contributions to the Victoria Secret are recommendable and worth mentioning. She is among the leading Victoria models of all time.

6. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteley

She was born on 18th April 1987. She is a renowned model and an actress. She is best known for her contributions in the Victoria’s Secret. She also played a critical role in the 2011 Carly Spencer Film. She has captivated the whole world in her entire modeling career. She earned a stellar reputation in her Dark of the Moon performance. She also acted the Megan Fox which made her gain deeper and deeper reputation in the acting industry. She has also played important roles in the various film performances.

7. Brooklyn Decker

brooklyn decker

Brooklyn Decker was born on 12th April, 1987. She is an actor and a model. In the year 2010, she took part in the Victoria’s Secret Swim Collection. She is now married to Andy Dorrick. She is known as one sexiest woman who can move men around. Additionally, she has played critical roles in the filming industry. Among the films that she has contributed to include, Battleship, Just Got With It, and Stretch and much more. Her work, looks and career is just worth mentioning.

8. Ana Beatriz Barros

ana beatriz barros

This is another great model that has fueled the whole of Brazil. She is hot and gorgeous. Her multiple appearances in the Victoria Swimsuit issues put her ahead of the modeling. Furthermore, she has also managed to take part in the 6 Victoria’s runway shows. In her resume, she has a series of lingerie brands that have made her profile one outstanding. Ana Beatriz has simply remained the sexiest model and actor in Victoria.

9. Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson is aged 30. She is a renowned American Fashion model. She grew up in Moreno Valley in California. She is a supermodel who has appeared in the Victoria Secret Angel models severally for about 5 years. Together with Emanuela, they were chosen as spokeswomen for the Body by Victoria’. She was featured in the year 2010 in the Victoria Secret in the SMIM catalog. Moreover, she became one brands signature of Victoria Angels in the year 2011. Ideally, she is one gorgeous and sexy model who can’t just miss in this list. She has gained great reputation in the modeling industry and is now globally recognized.

10. Behati Prinsloo

behati prinsloo

Behati was born in the year 1989. She has made recommendable steps in the modeling industry. She is currently known as one sexy Victoria model. She has worked in a series of fashion shows such as Chanel, Louis, Vuitton, MaxMara and much more. In the year 2008, she was named as the face of Victoria’s Secret Pink sub-brand and consequently made it to the Secret Angel in 2009. Behati Prinsloo has made several appearances in the Victoria’s Secret shows from the year 2007 to 2013. She was also announced as the Face of Australian Swimwear brand in the year 2012. She is undoubtedly one of the leading and top rated sexy models in Victoria. Her appearance and figure is simply outstanding and has made it to the 10th position in this list.

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