Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2011/2012

Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2011/2012 IcelandIn recent years, the creative industries in Iceland have been flourishing. The local market has become a melting pot of exciting new creative enterprises, with individuals seeking to expand their businesses overseas. However despite this desire, these businesses have often been unable to fulfill their potential as a result of limited marketing budgets and the lack of a common creative vehicle.

Reykjavik Fashion Festival seeks to provide the opportunity to channel Iceland’s creative energy into a single event, both for the local Icelandic audience as well as an international fashion weeks audience.

United by a common passion for Iceland and it’s unique take on fashion, design and music, Iceland’s foremost creative business leaders seek to champion the talent that makes the country so unique. Reykjavik Fashion Festival saw an exciting mixture of fashion, design and music at venues around the city. The second annual Reykjavik Fashion Festival took place on the 31st March – 3rd April 2011.

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