10 Most Expensive Sleepwear For Women

SleepwearMany people value their beauty sleep. After all, who wouldn’t feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged after a comfortable night’s slumber? If you’re one of those people, then you must be willing to invest in good sleep.

The most obvious item you’d want to invest in for good sleep is a comfortable bed, one that’s not too hard nor too soft. Then there are the beddings. Egyptian cotton with a thread count in the thousands is guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby. There’s the lighting in the bedroom, as well. Do you want a night light or do you have to sleep in the pitch dark? Next is the ambient sound. Some people prefer things dead quiet, while others are lulled to sleep by soft music or a sound machine. Then there’s the temperature of the room. There are those who prefer it warm so that they don’t have to sleep under a blanket. Others like the temperature freezing so they can bury themselves under the duvet.

Last is probably the one item that many sleep lovers tend to oversee; sleepwear.

For most people, throwing on an old, soft t-shirt and shorts is enough to ensure them a comfortable night’s sleep. However, a select few prefer to invest in good quality, albeit pricey sleepwear. The top three aspects to take into consideration when buying good sleepwear are: the way it fits, the material of the outfit, and of course, the price.

The looser fitting fabrics are the ones that are most comfortable. Throw in a soft fabric like cotton, silk or satin, and you’ve got yourself a great sleep outfit. This may come at a cost, though. The ones that feel great on the body are the pricier ones, but may well be worth it if it means you get a good eight hours every night.

So are you one of those people who doesn’t mind investing in good night outfits? If you are, then here’s a list of sleepwear that you might love, even though it may put a dent in your wallet.

10. Cosabella’s Cleope Mesh Metallic Babydoll Night Gown: $169

nightgownsThe Cosabella brand was established in 1983 by Ugo and Valeria Campello with the modern woman in mind. With its flirty, girly overall feel, it’s a lovely meeting of North America, with its flagship stores being in Miami, and Italy, as the products are manufactured with top Italian raw materials. The Cosabella line offers underwear, lingerie, and night gowns in bright off-beat colors, such as metallic blue or neon pink. With an average price of $150 for its night gowns, it’s one of the most inexpensive in the high-end brand category.

9. Oscar De la Renta Sleep Caftan: $180

ladies sleepwearDominican Republic-born designer Oscar De la Renta is a household name, known for his beautiful designs that have graced many a red carpet on the world’s biggest stars. A multi-awarded fashion designer, he also holds the distinction of dressing former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As with all successful brands, he continued to evolve his products, starting with ready-to-wear formal and casual clothes alike and branching out to perfumes and sleepwear. The De la Renta sleepwear products include the caftan, which he created in soft cotton and many different designs. Wearing a De la Renta sleep caftan to bed certainly makes for a great conversation piece.

8. Donna Karan Glamour Silk Button-Front Sleep Shirt: $225

sleepwear for womenDonna Karan is one of tinseltown’s top designers, having worked for Anne Klein as the design team head before launching her own line in 1985. She designs “modern clothes for modern people.” With this motto, she has attracted many of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, and Janet Jackson are just a few of the many celebrities who have worn a Donna Karan design on the red carpet. With this success, Donna Karan has also ventured into the sleepwear line. One of the most expensive in her sleepwear collection is the button-down silk shirt, which costs around $225. No doubt many patrons think the price is well worth the quality.

7. Hanro Carla Short Pajama Set: $235

pajamas for womenMany girls like prancing around in cute little outfits and this also holds true when it comes to their sleepwear. Which girly girl can’t resist the short, lace pajama set? Lucky for them, brands such as Hanro specialize in this type of apparel. This 130-year old brand originated in Switzerland and specializes in dainty yet sexy undergarments and sleepwear. It’s known for its perfect fit and seamless cuts, as well as its classic yet trendy designs. For a hefty $235, you can get a Hanro two-piece short cotton pajama set with lovely embroidery. It will make any girl sleep like a baby.

6. Three J NYC Coco Silk Pajamas: $275

sleep wearWith the Louboutin-wearing crowd as a target market, the New York-based company Three J NYC decided to create a sleepwear line that would hug the body as luxuriously as the Louboutin loves feet. The brand’s coco silk pajamas are the highest costing product, selling for $275. It boasts of double silk fabrics, but perhaps what makes it distinctive is that it doesn’t use elastic for the waistband. This ensures the wearer is able to breathe and move around freely and comfortably, which are very important conditions to ensure a good night’s rest.

5. Araks Shelby Pajama Top and Thai Silk Boxer Shorts Set: $495

pajama setsCompared to its more high profile competitors, Araks falls below the radar in popularity. However, it’s a brand that’s known by fashionistas and sleepwear-conscious individuals. With placements in high-end boutiques like Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s, Araks offers lovely sleepwear in great designs and fabrics. Its pajama sets can cost a little under $500, but the silk material more than justifies the price. The designs are subdued and not in bold prints, which makes it very ideal for getting good sleep.

4. La Perla Maharani Lace Detailed Satin Sleepshirt: $574

girls sleepwearOne of the more popular brands among the trendy set when it comes to sleepwear and loungewear is La Perla. The name itself whispers seductive luxury. Founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna, Italy, it started as a tiny shop specializing in handcrafted materials. This attention to detail was then used to create the products that make the brand what it is today. A La Perla sleepshirt can go as high as $574, but since sleepwear is what the brand is known for, there’s little room for doubt on the excellent quality of all its products.

3. Natori Lillian Silk Caftan: $720

silk sleepwearFounded by Josie Natori, an investment banker turned fashion designer who originally hails from the Philippines, The Natori company is a high-end fashion group based in New York City. It specializes in sleepwear, lingerie, and ready-to-wear clothes, and it eventually branched out to perfumes and a limited men’s line. However, it will always be best known for its lingerie and sleepwear. One of its more luxurious products is the Lillian silk caftan. It’s very functional because it doesn’t just have to be used at night. Caftans are great for simply lounging around at home all day. So spending a little over $700 for an all-around outfit from a top design house is well worth your investment.

2. Derek Rose Silk Pajamas: $1,300

womens sleepwearThe British brand Derek Rose has been in the sleepwear business since 1926. It’s established as one of the most luxurious and expensive sleepwear brands in the world, having as its clients the queen of England herself, the likes of whom custom-made sleepwear are created for. With pajamas made of soft cotton, silk or satin, they’re created by an intricate weaving method and the end result is pure softness and comfort. The brand’s pure silk piped pajamas goes for a staggering $1,300. However, it’s guaranteed to last for many years’ worth of sleep-filled nights.

1. The Row 3-Piece Pajama Set: $3,400

silk pajamasTopping the list of most expensive sleepwear brands is The Row. Unknown to many, this brand was created by child stars and fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and it’s positioned as a high-end, yet hip brand. Some say its clean lines, fine cuts, and brand name itself justify the cost of its products. For example, a three-piece pajama set from The Row can cost up to a whopping $3,400. Anyone willing to pay that much for sleepwear must be either insanely rich or totally obsessed with getting good sleep!

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