April 2011 Fashion Events

Fashion Events April 2011Dubai Fashion Week 2011

The fashion season in April 2011 fashion events took off with a fashion week at Dubai. It is one grand event which merges maximum number of people from the fashion scene all around the globe. The week did a sizzling start at the Dubai World Trade center with glamour being in the air like tiny sparkles. This fashion week surely becomes a treat for all the fashion-loving people internationally.
Vera Wang Spring Collection

the queen of bridal wear, Vera Wang unleashed her spring collection with a unique and exciting event. Her latest’s bridal fashion collection is all about lace, vintage ballroom gown designs and ultimate femininity. The bridal wear collection couldn’t be more dreamy, fairytale like and perfect than what Vera Wang has come up for the modern era brides through her unconventional fashion styles.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Russia takes the front seat in April 2011 fashion events by starting of the season with Mercedes Benz fashion week. This fashion event took place in Moscow which is becoming the upcoming and most popular fashion destinations at par with Milan, London and other such major places. The most attractive thing about this fashion week is that it gives a lot of opportunities to the new and upcoming designers apart from opening the barriers for the Russian fashion industry to flourish.

Vera Wang’s Re-launch of Lavender Collection

Other than Vera Wang’s Spring Collection for bridal wear, her Lavender Collection has also been launched in April 2011. This collection is mainly focused at the evening ball gowns. The re-launch has occurred because the collection couldn’t do very well in 2005 when it was launched due to global economic recession but now the Lavender Collection is all set to take up the fashion scene by storm.

Bangkok Fashion Fair 2011

It is one of the major fashion scenes of Asia. The Bangkok fashion fair aims at bringing the Asian talent and fashion on a common platform and project it to the world in the most fascinating manner. For April 2011 fashion events, this is the major event in the region of Asia. Most of the designers showcased their Spring-Summer collections for 2012 and amazed the fashion audience by breath-taking deigns and cuts.

Fashion Designers Expo Florida

The April 2011 fashion events have been very happening for the local as well as the international fashion talent especially if we look at the fashion designers expo Florida. This event gave an opportunity to the local and international designers to project their work in front of the fashion audience and it also brought in a lot of opportunities for the local designers to expand and progress forward towards the international fashion scene.

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