Barack Obama Gossip Claims Michelle Supposedly Has Had Enough Of Him Not Listening To Her, ‘At The End Of Her Rope’

Are Barack and Michelle Obama on the brink of divorce? One tabloid claims the former first couple may not make it through their latest rough patch. Here’s the latest gossip about Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage.

This week, the Globe reports Barack Obama has been bitten by the showbiz bug, but Michelle isn’t a fan of her husband’s new attitude. Apparently, Obama has been living it up with “young, trendy Hollywood stars” and Michelle is getting sick of it. “Barack promised Michelle he’d come to Hollywood, but now she’s cringing because he’s strutting around like this power-crazed peacock,” an insider dishes.

“He’s on this lame mission to be cool with the showbiz crowd. Michelle’s embarrassed for them both and wishes he’d grow up and support her more with her career instead of cracking jokes, dropping names, and posting silly tweets.” And now, Michelle doesn’t like the man Barack is turning into. “His star-studded 60th birthday back in August made his head even bigger,” the tipster adds. “Michelle’s patience is wearing thin.”

This report is just silly. If Barack kept a level head during his eight-year run in the most powerful office in the world, we doubt he’s become “power-crazed” after producing a few documentaries. The Obamas have been mingling with some of the most famous and powerful people in the world ever since Barack’s political career skyrocketed about 15 years ago. It’s incredibly misleading to suggest this is Barack’s first taste of fame.

And if the couples’ social media profiles are any indication, it looks like their marriage has been thriving since leaving office. Michelle recently posted a whimsical photo of her and Barack for New Year’s Day captioned “Happy New Year from me and my boo!”

And Barack just posted an incredibly sweet photo of him and his wife to celebrate her birthday. In the caption, he wrote, “Happy birthday, Michelle. My love, my partner, my best friend…” It’s no surprise that the Globe would publish such an inaccurate and unflattering article about the Obama family. The tabloid has a long history of spreading misinformation about the former first family.

Not long ago, the outlet claimed Barack was gloating over Joe Biden and ignoring his calls for help. Then the magazine reported Barack was grooming Michelle to run against Biden in 2024. And more recently, the publication alleged Michelle was driving off her daughter’s boyfriends. Obviously, the Globe doesn’t have any insight into the Obamas’ personal lives.

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