Definition of a luxury handbag has changed over the past years — from exotic handbags loaded with expensive hardware, charms, buckles and other ornaments to more timeless and elegant handbags that make a statement without making its owner look like a show off.

Instead of buying trendy clothes that quickly go out of fashion, women are turning to accessories. Handbags, unlike most clothes and shoes, can last a lifetime. For example, a designer handbag made by Hampton & Co., becomes an heirloom piece to pass on for generations. What’s more, one good handbag is really all you need for everyday use, so women are choosing wisely and are opting for handbags.

A handbag does wonders in transforming a plain black dress into several different looks. Scarves and inexpensive jewelry also create additional style options. Leather handbags in bright colors, like the red handbag from Belisi, make a simple outfit interesting.
Handbags are showing up in bright candy colors for spring.

Handbag trends of this season (spring 2009/Summer 2009) very much, from highly practical huge totes to tiny eccentric clutches for evening wear. Every woman of fashion will be able to find something that suits her style and taste.

Clutch handbags are the hottest shape of this season is the clutch, in everything from slim rectangles to antique-looking handheld handbags.

Patent handbags work whether you go mirror smooth or funky with a bit of crinkle, patent is the best finish for handbags right now. Large, comfortable handbags in all colors imaginable – beige, white, black, metallic, gold, violet, orange, green, blue, etc. – will be extremely popular this season.

Materials used for handbags vary from reptile leather of different colors to silk fabrics embellished with sequins. They are a great choice and look purely feminine.

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