Hollywood Celebrities Revamp Fashion

Hollywood Celebrities have a legacy of redefining fashion; Hollywood does it as a habit. Hollywood celebrities play with fashion, not only do they experiment with their style but they also continuously reinvent their personal/individual style.

Fashion and style are such vast terms; they are not confined to merely clothes, they broaden to include an individual’s whole personality.

Hollywood Celebrity Halle Berry has a fashion sense that does not stay the same for too long. This fashion icon may have started in beauty pageants, but is more than just a pretty face. She has talent and she knows what to do herself when.

Katie Holmes is another Hollywood Celebrity that knows her way around fashion and established a personal style everyone wants to match. Giorgio Armani dresses her and also her daughter, no surprise style is second to her nature.

Kristin Cavallari has always been herself, comfortable in her own fashion sense which has matured from casual glam to Hollywood hip.

Nicole Richie was a wild child with a fashion statement to match, however now that she has tamed herself down so has her style. She knows what makes her look beautiful this young Hollywood celebrity plays all her cards right.

Queen Latifah knows how to carry herself in the most glamorous of the ways; her style screams grace and good taste. Be it though her music or on the red carpet she has always ruled the fashion throne. She slims down for health reasons not for fashion reasons, either ways she doesn’t compromise on style.

Sarah Jessica Parker has transformed onscreen before our eyes from one soap opera to another. The Hollywood Celebrity that brought fashion to masses is Vogue-cover-worthy fashion icon and has put Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos in every woman’s conversation.

These Hollywood Celebrities know their way around fashion and style. They explore their personal needs to establish a style sense that suits them and is comfortable.

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