Jewellery By Louis Vuitton

jewellery-louis-uittonLouis Vuitton jewelry has some of the most distinctive pieces. Lorenz Baumer has crafted an exquisite jewellery collection for Louis Vuitton. Each piece shines with meticulous detail. It took, Lorenz Baumer more than 400 hours to cut and design the center 30.1-carat gem of the flower which is the collections’ trademark. This collection is called ‘Spirit of Travel.’ and most designs have interlocking circle shapes. The collection consists of six jewelry sets each made especially for that collection with exquisite necklaces close to $2.5 million per piece. The collection went to public on October 15 at Vuitton’s flagship Champs-Elysees.

Louis Vuitton hosted a glamorous fete for the brand’s first fine jewelry collection. There was a darkened maze that led to the display of precious stones. The occasion was attended by celebrities and jewellery pieces sold out within days.

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