World’s Most Expensive Watches

Worlds Most Expensive WatchesWatches depict a man’s personality because it looks stylish and chic and also in a way you can tell whether that person is carrying a formal expensive watch or a casual one by guessing its true worth. Humans have seen hundreds of years of advanced technology crammed into even the most simple wrist watches. There are expensive watches which exist today as well as the super luxury watches which hold feats of engineering. One example is of the popular tourbillon which was invented back in 1795. A special feature of this expensive watch is that t takes into account the effects of gravity which make this timepiece imprecise. Always beware of the fake watches when planning to buy an expensive one!

Always remember that the good watches command high prices. Some are expensive for the real gem stones like Diamond, Swarovski or Zircon stone used as an additional embellishment on the watches while manufacturing. Other expensive watches are pricey due to their bands made up of snake skin or other kind of leather bands.

Vacherin Constantin’s Tour de l’lle is worth $1.5 million and is categorized under the world’s most expensive watch. The very old Swiss watchmaker celebrated its 250th anniversary back in 2005. This complicated double-face limited edition watch was made after an expensive research and the name is given by the historical site of the venerable company. Only seven pieces of this watch are made.

Another expensive watch worth $4 million is named Parek Philippe’s Platinum World time. This platinum wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe and got the chance to be sold at an auction for this high a price. Big Bang Chronograph is a $1million worth diamond studded classic piece in expensive watches.

Opera one is a 75-hour power reserve and due to this manual winding feature, the watch is worth $495,000. Zadora timepieces are classy and are manufactured by the Andreas von Zadora-Gerolf. It typically has black and yellow diamonds with peer shaped emerald eyes on it.  Lastly Titanic watches are specially made from the hull of the Titanic and are majorly manufactured by the Swiss Jewellers. The ship building steal metal is used in its manufacture and it is worth $152,000.

Watch collection is an expensive hobby but at the same time it’s quite rewarding. There are many antique timepieces that are valuable even after years of use by generations.

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